Workshop Topics

High Yield Strategies

Learn to “work smarter not harder” by focusing on brain-friendly instructional strategies that can be easily implemented by any teacher with all students.

Achieving BIG Leadership Goals

Change is not an easy process, but understanding the steps/elements of change makes it much easier.  Experience how to create and achieve big goals this year.

Mindsets That Matter

We all know that Growth Mindset is critical to our success.  We can multiply Growth Mindset’s magic by partnering it with other key mindsets and achieve even more growth… in both our students and ourselves.

The Brain That Changes

Our understanding of learning and the brain is constantly growing.  Discover the most up-to-date neuroscience concepts and how you can easily apply them in class to maximize the way you teach and your students learn.

Top Team-Building Tools

Find out what makes for an effective team and how we can help teams get there as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Top 5 Instructional Factors

In hundreds of different schools and thousands of different classrooms across the country, great teachers are consistently doing these five things really well.  Learn simple, effective strategies that any teacher can do to help their students achieve academic gains.

Creating New Narratives

Schools and teams can get “stuck” in an unhelpful story-line about who they are and where they’re going.  Learn how to shift that story into one that sets everyone up for success.


**All of Tracie’s Workshops are evidence-based, engaging, and filled with instructional take-away’s that can be seamlessly integrated in class the very next day!**